Building on and putting 3 years of Japanese classes to use.

I’m Vee, and this is my first venture into fansubbing on my own. My goal is to help fill in any gaps left by dramas that haven’t or are not likely to get subbed.

I am still learning Japanese, so my translations might be a bit rough and I’d appreciate it if you can provide constructive feedback on anything from the translations themselves to the timing and typesetting. Although I speak English natively, nothing is beta’d, so again, please let me know if anything could be made better!

I will try my best to provide subs as quickly as possible, but unfortunately I may not be very consistent.

If you do access my softsubs, I would really really appreciate it if you could make a small donation to my Ko-fi as well. I put a lot of effort into translating and making them as easy to watch as possible. Alternatively, you could support me monthly on Patreon for access to my softsubs. Links are in the sidebar!

Enjoy your stay and thanks for watching!