[Announcement] Fight Song

Network: TBS

Release date: January 11, 2022

Broadcast: Tuesdays 22:00 -22:57

Official website

Kisara Hanae (Kiyohara Kaya) was aiming to be on Japan’s national karate team, but her dream was suddenly snuffed out. Having lost everything and hitting rock bottom, she lived a lethargic and lazy life when she had a fateful encounter with Ashida Haruki (Mamiya Shotaro), the composer of the song she used to listen to before every match. She thought highly of him, but Ashida has failed and is now just a one-hit wonder. He became a complicated, eccentric musician!

Hanae had devoted herself to karate and never fallen in love before. Ashida is on the verge of being fired, saying he can’t write good songs because he doesn’t understand what other people think. These two people on the precipice team up by chance to take on a fake but real romance!

Additionally, a love triangle develops involving her showy childhood friend Natsugawa Shingo (Kikuchi Fuma), who’s never stopped thinking about her. However, Hanae has a secret she can’t tell anyone. And she’s decided that this will be the last love she ever has…


I’ll be balancing this on top of studying and job hunting, so please be understanding if I’m not uploading weekly!

8 Replies to “[Announcement] Fight Song”

  1. Ah, I love them both so of course I’m looking forward to this. Thank you for picking this up and please take your time.

  2. Wow. Looking forward to this one as it is Kiyohara Kaya’s drama following her wonderful performance in Okaeri Mone.

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