[Announcement] Kotaro wa Hitorigurashi

Network: TV Asahi

Release date: April 24, 2021

Broadcast: Saturdays 23:30-24:00

Official website

Shin Karino (Yu Yokoyama) is an unpopular manga writer and he is single. He lives in an apartment complex that has a rule forbidding children from living there. One day, Shin Karino’s doorbell rings. When he opens his apartment door, he sees a small boy. The boy is 5-year-old Kotaro Sato (Eito Kawahara). Kotaro Sato tells Shin Karino that he moved into the neighborhood. Shin Karino makes a weird face, because of the rule of his apartment complex. Kotaro Sato says that he lives by himself. At first, Shin Karino is annoyed by Kotaro Sato, but residents of the apartment building, including Shin Karino, become attached to Kotaro Sato. (AsianWiki)


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2 responses to “[Announcement] Kotaro wa Hitorigurashi”

  1. Brenda Avatar

    I’m from Peru, I’m a Kanjani8 fan, I have a blog dedicated to translating their programs from English to Spanish, because I don’t know Japanese.
    I would like you to allow me to use your softsubs to translate this drama please.
    My blog is

  2. Makito Avatar

    Can’t wait for this to start!
    Thanks in advance! ^^