Ki no Straw

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Translation notes

  • Nara-zuke – pickles, from Nara
  • Thinned lumber – lumber from trees selectively logged from forests to maintain forest health
  • SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals (UN)

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3 responses to “Ki no Straw”

  1. Angel Avatar

    thanks! wonder how well it’d work out/practical it is since there’s apparently ‘discourse’ about paper straws not being that helpful and harmful towards disabled ppl and such but i bet japan prolly has less pollution than the average city in america anyways

    1. Vee Avatar

      From what I know, the real change needs to happen much higher up in corporations and governments and things like alternative straws are ultimately ineffective

  2. sagawand Avatar

    Thank you for the sub!
    Imho we don’t need straws at all. Straws are fancy stuff developed by modern people to show elegance while drinking something. We can still drink anything by cups.