Fight Song episode 8

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5 responses to “Fight Song episode 8”

  1. joy Avatar

    Thank you so much for episode 8.

  2. Heidi123 Avatar

    This was really worth the wait 😉 Beautifully subbed, all feelings came across. Thankyou so much for your hard work. I can feeel you are enjoying this drama too 😉
    I noticed, he did not do the flying squirrel, since it’s a promise we’ll be seing this in the next episodes.

  3. sal Avatar

    thank you so much for this ep!

  4. Learashi Avatar

    Thank you so much.
    Lovely subs for an interesting and beautiful story.

  5. Sheenigummy Avatar

    I value you so much and all the work you did and are doing to sub this. I cannot be more grateful!