Hanawa-sensei wa Hanninmae!? episode 2

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Translation notes

  • Hanawa’s texts from his mom
    • Don’t let your meals be nutritionally unbalanced
    • Report back to me if you feel sluggish
    • How’s work going?
    • You have to keep the kids safe
    • Because you’re a teacher
    • That’s your job
    • Are you doing it properly?
    • I’m not sure if you are
    • Are you worried about anything?
    • If you are, you can tell me
    • Understand?
    • It’s for your own safety
    • Do you have evacuation drills?
    • Where do you evacuate to?
    • How are you evacuating?
    • Are you checking?
    • You’re going to need to work together
    • Hang in there
    • And try to be on time
    • At least
    • Set a good example
    • Whatever you do, do it quickly
    • Be prepared, make sure you’re ready
    • Do you get what I’m saying?

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