Itaike ni Koishite episode 1

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Translation notes

  • Maruetsu – a supermarket company in Japan
  • Impossible tonight – is possibly a reference for the 1982 shoujo manga, Tokimeki Tonight
  • You are really beautiful* – Kimi wa / honto ni / utsukushidesu (君は 本当に 美しです)
  • I’m moving to the main Hibiya store* – Hibiya / honten ni / utsurimasu (日比谷 本店に 移ります)
    • *The lip flaps are similar

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9 Replies to “Itaike ni Koishite episode 1”

  1. Feunny, feel sorry for the girl at the end but this is a comedy so i’m assuming not all the matches will work out haha

      1. Ah, interesting to use a western song, would’ve expected tehy have that singer do it or someone else in the cast hah

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