Kakenai!? episode 2

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7 responses to “Kakenai!? episode 2”

  1. bwahs Avatar

    thank you for ep2! :DD

  2. guest Avatar

    Thank you!

  3. Fern Avatar

    I loved the first episode, Toma was very expressive and I love Kichise Michiko and her calm personality. It’s interesting to know what’s behind the scene of Japanese TV Stations. Thanks for the 2nd episode!

  4. joy Avatar

    Thank you so much for episode 2. Appreciation#2.

  5. kurozero Avatar

    Thanks a lot for episode 2!!

  6. Skyseafurinkazan Avatar

    thank you very much for ep 2

  7. kitsune chan Avatar
    kitsune chan

    Thank you 🙂 Loved this episode too!