Kaseifu no Mitazono S4 episode 3

Hardsub [1920×1080 | 48min 11s | 694 MB]

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Translation notes

  • Ganmodoki – deep-fried tofu mixed with thinly sliced vegetables
  • Babiniku oji-san – refers to older men pretending to be cute young girls with a virtual avatar and/or voice changer

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5 Replies to “Kaseifu no Mitazono S4 episode 3”

  1. Thanks so much! Really wanted to see this one (lol i love how him picking a cheap dress was a bad thing, i’d love to have a dress that cute for that price XD)

  2. Do you have an alternate download? It gives me a ‘ transfer quota’ and i don’t wanna pay for megadrive lol

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