Manatsu no Shonen ~19452020 episode 5

Hardsub [1920×1080 | 48min 06s | 1.47 GB]

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The unofficial guide to Ryuji’s puns

  • The Walkee – ジ・アルキー (ji aruki) – Walk (aruku) + The Alfee (a long running Japanese folk rock band)
  • オラン・ドロン (Oran (not there) Delon) – Absent Delon – Alain Delon (I was able to keep the reference intact this time, but if it sounds awkward it’s because we don’t play with words like this much in English)
  • オッケー 運慶 快慶 (okay, Unkei, Kaikei) – Kei is a school of Buddhist sculpture, and Unkei and Kaikei were sculptors who sculpted statues of Buddha and other important Buddhist figures

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