Manatsu no Shonen ~19452020 episode 6

Hardsub [1920×1080 | 48min 06s | 1.59 GB]

Eng sub download


The unofficial guide to Ryuji’s Sanpei’s puns

  • Yoroshiku Aishuu – Say Hello to Sorrow, a song by Hiromi Go. I chose to localize it to Thank You For The Music (by ABBA) because the title fits and it’s from around the same time as Yoroshiku Aishuu.
  • Sanpei’s fan riddle – 1000 = sen, bu = onomatopoeia for fart -> (electric) fan = senbuki (ki signifying machine)

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  1. Screenrider Avatar

    Thank you so much for EP 06 – highly appreciated ^-^.