Solo Katsu Joshi no Susume episode 1

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9 responses to “Solo Katsu Joshi no Susume episode 1”

  1. joy Avatar

    Thank you so much for subbing this series. Taking for personal viewing. Otsukaresamadeshita.

  2. Angel Avatar

    Thanks! love the anime style opening lol

  3. Aki Avatar

    Thank you!

  4. papaya Avatar

    Thank you. I’ve just finished watching this episode and I really enjoyed how chill it is.

  5. Fern Avatar

    Thank you so much for picking up this series! I’ve been thinking to check this out.

  6. yoshi238 Avatar

    Thanks for subbing. I really love this drama, I can really to the main character. I love spending time alone (eating, sight-seeing, going on a trip etc). The idea of renting a limousine alone seems like a good idea :). I always drive by myself, so it would be nice if I could enjoy a quiet drive and watching sceneries along the way while someone else is driving.

  7. rosha lee Avatar
    rosha lee

    This episode hits close to home. When I hit 40s and if I’m still alone I’m gonna do like what she did here and celebrate my 40th birthday in a limousine alone while cruising the night.

  8. Ronetteskified Avatar

    Another good one:) How nice of you:) thanks

  9. Fox Avatar

    Thank u for subbing this show 🙂