Tsukanoma no Ichika episode 2

Hardsub [1920×1080 | 23min 30s | 000 MB]

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Translation notes

  • Kakipi/kaki no tane – crescent shaped senbei and peanut snack, often eaten with beer

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5 responses to “Tsukanoma no Ichika episode 2”

  1. V. Yamazaki Avatar
    V. Yamazaki

    Looking forward for the next episodes, sankyu.

  2. Ruu Avatar

    I love this episode so much, makes me cry every time. Ichika is so precious and I’m glad she got to meet Yurugi here again.

  3. Ruu Avatar

    I love this episode so much, it makes me cry every time I watch it. Ichika is so precious, and I’m glad she got reunited with Yurugi here.

  4. joy Avatar

    Thank you so much for episode 2.

  5. Ronette Avatar

    Hi there!
    Thank you for doing this.
    Cant wait for the next episode.
    Happy holidays!