JOKE ~2022 Panic Haishin!~

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Translation notes

  • Orenchi – the name of Sawai’s former comedy duo, normally means “my house” (using the generally perceived more masculine way of talking)
  • Ogiri – the last item of a show in classical Japanese performance arts, or a segment on comedy variety programs where the participants offer comical response to topics or questions
  • 参ります (mairimasu/Go for it) + マイルス (mairusu/Myles) – both sound similar, so Myles (the smart speaker), thinks it’s being activated
  • Boke – the funny guy of a comedy duo
  • Tsukkomi – the straight man of a comedy duo
  • Owarai – general term for modern Japanese comedy
  • Obi – the paper band that goes around a book, kind of like the promotional bits printed on western dust covers + flaps for hardcover books.
  • Kaneko Misuzu – poet and songwriter
  • Aida Mitsuo – a 20th century poet and calligrapher known as The Poet of Zen
  • 倫理 (rinri) – ethics. Sawai’s wife’s name is 倫子 (MIchiko), which shares the same first kanji
  • 100LDK – a real estate term, denoting the number of bedrooms numerically in addition to the Living room, Dining room, and Kitchen
  • AI – artificial intelligence, but (ai) is Japanese for love.
  • AI Misora Hibari – Misora Hibari is the legendary singer from the late 20th century. NHK reproduced her voice with AI and showcased it Dec 2019 – Feb 2020 in Mori Art Museum
  • Kouhaku [Uta Gassen] – the annual year end music show featuring male and female artists split up by gender in teams (red or white). Kind of a tradition for some Japanese on New Year’s Eve
  • Bakushō Mondai, Bananaman, Viking – all these names start with ‘ba’ in Japanese (with Viking pronounced as ‘baikingu’)
  • Baniku Tabehoudai – literally, horse meat smorgasbord
  • Basashi – horse meat sashimi

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