Fight Song episode 4

Hardsub [1920×1080 | 47min 00s | 614 MB]

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Translation notes

See episode 1 translation notes for karate terms!

Watch online (mirror)

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8 responses to “Fight Song episode 4”

  1. zdorama Avatar

    Happiness is coming home from work and finding a new episode of Fight Song up!!!! THANK YOU!!!

  2. Trân Avatar

    Thank you so much for ep 4!

  3. joy Avatar

    Thank you very much for ep.4.

  4. Yael Avatar

    Thank you very much 🙂

  5. YamakenLover Avatar

    YAAS delighted to have a new episode to watch!
    Kept refreshing this page daily.
    TYSM for your efforts ♥

  6. Mimee Avatar

    Thank so very much for all your hard work subbing this wonderful and touching story!

  7. Heidi123 Avatar

    Thanks for giving me a chance to watch this lovely drama with english subs and your hard work that is connected to it!!!!

  8. Skyseafurinkazan Avatar

    Thank you for ep 4!