Gekikaradou episode 11

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Translation notes

  • Hot Emperor – a new super spicy mentaiko (spicy pollock roe) It’s real:
  • Kazumi(一美)’s name – The character 一 (ichi, or ka) from 一味唐辛子(ichimi togarashi) is the same. 美 and 味 are both pronounced mi
  • Nanami and Shichimi – 七 can be read as nana or shichi, 海 (umi) and 味 (mi) can both be pronounced as mi
  • Chisato (千里)’s name – the kanji can also be read as chi (thousand) ri (a unit of measurement, I picked league because that’s the closest unit in English that I can think of), and since Japanese makes no distinction between r and l sounds, also sounds like chili
  • Sirotae – a bakery in Akasaka known for their cheesecake
  • Fukuya – the company that first developed mentaiko, inspired by Korean cod roe kimchi

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    Thank you for episode 11.