Itaike ni Koishite episode 5

Hardsub [1920×1080 | 43min 19s | 979 MB]

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Translation notes

  • Fukujinzuke – sliced vegetables pickled in soy sauce
  • Tanuki soba – buckwheat soba in hot broth toppped with tempura bits

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4 responses to “Itaike ni Koishite episode 5”

  1. joy Avatar

    Thank you very much for episode 5. Otsukaresamadeshita.

  2. Angel Avatar

    lol love how he was even willing to flirt with the old ladies

  3. Kuro Neko Neir Avatar
    Kuro Neko Neir

    that was horrible. i cant take him serious anymore lol

  4. Kuro Neko Neir Avatar
    Kuro Neko Neir

    I’ve officially lost all respect for masaki.
    Also Marik a whole fool lol. “you know?” lol