Fight Song episode 1

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Translation notes

I chose not to translate most of the karate terms because they’re used in official matches too, so here’s what they mean for those who aren’t familiar:

  • Ippon – points
  • Keikoku – warning for second instance of a minor infraction
  • Kiai – manifests verbally; spirit; uttered when performing an attacking move
  • Chukoku – warning for first instance of a minor infraction
  • Chudan tsuki – middle punch
  • Chudan geri – middle kick
  • Joudan geri – high kick
  • Rei – bow
  • Senshu – first unopposed point advantage
  • Shobu hajime – begin match
  • Tsuzukete – continue (because of prolonged inaction)
  • Wakarete – separate
  • Waza-ari – two points
  • Yame – stop

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  1. Dylan Avatar

    Thank you for your hard work! Look forward to watching this!

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    Thank you so much for subbing and sharing.

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    Yatta!!! Been waiting for this one!!! Thanks so MUCH!

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    Fabian Hanggi

    Thank you for subbing this. What a great first episode!

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    Thanks for sharing your hardword.

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    Thank you very much!

    Is there a way to find that song?

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    Thank you for subbing this drama ^^

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    You’re amazing! thanks for sharing:) It’s a great episode!